AirCell Engineering is proud to introduce the world's most advanced fork control chambers! AirCell’s “Equalizer Series” Fork Air Control System!!

The AirCells are a set of high pressure, aluminum air reservoirs that are attached directly to your forks. They are engineered to equalize the air pressures of both forks and to soften the harsh feel of the forks over braking and acceleration bumps, whoops, rocks, tree roots and over-jumping, plus reduce or eliminate head shake, dramatically improve cornering and greatly reduces front wheel deflection from rocks and tree roots.

Each AirCell has an exclusive Air Compression Damping Valve (ACD Valve) that the rider can easily adjust to control how soft or stiff the forks feel over small and medium sized bumps and obstacles, as well as control the ride height of the motorcycle entering a corner. Also, a push button, twin piston, triple o-ring, fail safe Air Release Valve that vents both forks at the same time.

If you have stock, modified or the high dollar "Works Forks", the AirCells will dramatically improve their performance, we guarantee it!